Michigan has announced that it plans to honor victims of the mass shooting earlier this week at Michigan State.

The Wolverines will wear special decals, shirts and hold moments of silence before home events.

Helmets worn by Michigan athletes will include a white decal that has a green heart with the white Spartan logo. And for sports that don’t have helmets, athletes will wear special shirts with logos similar to the decals during warmups, to honor the victims, Kurt Svoboda, Michigan associate athletic director for external communications and public relations, said Wednesday, the Detroit News reported. Some teams may have more unique branding to honor MSU.

Three students were killed and 5 more students were injured and remain in critical condition at a local hospital following the incident earlier this week.

“Our teams are doing what they can to show their support,” said Svoboda, who said Michigan representatives have been in contact with Michigan State to discuss how Michigan athletics would like to honor the victims.

There are several events scheduled in the coming days between the schools in multiple events.