Michigan State is in California for the Redbox Bowl, and the Spartans took time Saturday to serve meals to homeless in San Francisco.

In a story shared by Chris Solari with The Detroit Free Press, around 30 Spartans made the trip to distribute meals to the homeless and impoverished Saturday morning. These players helped distribute food and clean trays at St. Anthony’s Dining Room, a location that typically gives out 2-3,000 meals a day to people in need.

When discussing the outreach, Dimitri Douglas likened the efforts as another way to work as a team with each person having a responsibility to take care. Teammate David Kruse also discussed the opportunity, saying it was “huge” for the team to be able to give back:

“It’s just huge for our team to be able to give back to the community in San Francisco,” said David Kruse, a freshman linebacker from Lowell. “It really puts into perspective of how lucky we are.”

Michigan State Football also shared a behind-the-scenes look of the outing:

It is certainly refreshing to see the players give back while on the bowl trip. Hopefully the Spartans can follow it up with a win over Oregon on Monday.