In case you didn’t know, Michigan and Michigan State like paint and statues. A lot.

Yesterday, Michigan fans got the best of Michigan State’s Magic Johnson statue by spray-painting a block ‘M’ with the words ‘Beat State’ in maize paint at the base. Michigan State responded by painting the block ‘M’ on Michigan’s campus with green paint and adding ‘S’ and ‘U’ to read ‘MSU.’

In the middle of the night, both schools were at it again.

Michigan State fans were guarding the Sparty Statue when they were attacked with paint balloons filled with blue and gold paint. Though none appeared to get on the statue — unlike earlier in the year when it was defaced — the paint hit several of the people guarding it along with their belongings.

Here’s a first-person account from one of the guards:

This was some of the damage done from the car of paint-throwing Michigan fans.

But let’s not make it seem like the Spartans were the innocent victims here. The famous Wolverine statue on the Michigan campus got a nice little green and white paint job overnight.

On Saturday, the two schools will stop throwing paint at each other and play a football game.