Payton Thorne and Michigan State had a big letdown in Week 4, dropping a blowout loss to Minnesota by a final score of 34-7. Save for a late touchdown in mop-up duty, the Spartans were nearly shut out.

After the game, Thorne took to the podium. While the defensive issues for the Spartans continue to put the team in early deep holes, the play of the offensive has not been up to par.

In particular, Thorne had a trio of turnovers, including a bad red zone fumble with the Spartans coming out of halftime. After the game, Thorne admitted there wasn’t much left to say about the performance other than some of the struggles started with him.

Thorne also said he currently does not have any level of concern with the rushing attack of the Spartans after a strong start to the season has slowed down against Power 5 competition.

Thorne was 17-for-24 passing the ball with just 132 yards and 2 interceptions in the loss to the Gophers. We’ll see if the Spartans can regroup heading into October and Week 5.