The Le’Veon Bell situation going on with the Pittsburgh Steelers is well-known.

Bell wants a lot of money guaranteed in a long-term contract. Pittsburgh isn’t willing to give it to him. So, the former Michigan State RB is seeing Pittsburgh as a team that may just want to be using him before he leaves.

At the moment, it seems as though Bell is not reporting to Pittsburgh anytime soon. And according to a rule, he can wait to show up in Pittsburgh until Week 11, then sign his franchise tag then, and get to become a free agent in 2019.

With this information known, players in Pittsburgh are looking at Bell as though he is all about himself right now and not about the team. If he were all-in on the team and winning a Super Bowl, he would report to the team and sign his franchise tag.

Of course, he hasn’t yet.

Here’s what some Steelers are saying on social media:

Center Maurkice Pouncey said, “If you don’t want to be here, it is what it is. Hold out 10 weeks.”

Bell’s offensive linemen in front of him are obviously not happy.

Just like all of the fantasy football players out there who have the former Spartan on their team. The number of people complaining about Bell potentially being out until Week 11 has to be in the thousands.