Arguably the best ending in the history of college football was seen by a whole lot of people. It even set a bunch of ESPN college football ratings records.

ESPN released the numbers of the historic Michigan and Michigan State ending, which had an estimated 11,549,000 people watching. Throughout the game, it averaged 7,398,000 viewers.

According to ESPN’s public relations, it was the network’s most watched 3:30 p.m. game ever. It was also the most-watched October game in over 20 years, which fell short of only a 1994 showdown between Florida State and Miami.

In the history of the WatchESPN app, the game was the second-most-streamed regular season college football game ever with over 167,000 impressions per minute. And the game also fueled the 3.4 million views ESPN got across its family of networks on Saturday, which was the third-highest regular-season total ever.

The Penn State-Ohio State game averaged 5,867,000 viewers and was the third-most-watched game on Saturday across the networks.

ESPN will carry the Northwestern-Nebraska game, the Penn State-Maryland game and the Indiana-Michigan State game on its family of networks on Saturday.