It’s been quick the turnaround for Mel Tucker and Michigan State after going 2-5 during his 1st season in East Lansing. QB Payton Thorne shared how the Spartans were able to change the culture at Michigan State per Tony Garcia of the Detroit Free Press.

While Kenneth Walker III was a big part of Michigan State’s success on offense, Thorne deserves some credit. Thorne has shown that he can be a leader on and off the field. The old saying that hard work pays off holds true in college athletics, but Thorne believes that’s just part of it.

“I don’t think leading by example is a thing,” said Thorne. “That’s just the price of admission. That’s just doing what you’re supposed to do. Even if you work your tail off, it’s what you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to work hard and in a good program that’s what everybody does.”

Thorne believes that what it comes down to is the relationships you have with your teammates. He learned this from his father and grandfather, who coached college football at Division III program North Central College. It looks like his father’s lessons could be 1 of the driving forces behind Michigan State’s success.

“My whole life, they talked to me about relationships and really love,” Thorne said of the lessons he took away. “People may not talk about that much in football because it’s supposed to be this hard-nosed game, but when you really get to know somebody which is what they focused on in their program.”