Nearly a year and half ago, Michigan State LB Jon Reschke sent a text message that contained the N-word and was then kicked off the Spartans team.

However, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press, Reschke is now back with the Spartans, and coach Mark Dantonio confirmed the news at Big Ten Media Days.

According to the report, Reschke’s text message contained some strong language before using the N-word:

“Honestly don’t know who for sure but probably (teammate’s name redacted) or another s****y f*****g (N-word) with no morals,” Reschke wrote in an undated text message obtained via screenshot by the Free Press.

Dantonio said he reviewed Reschke’s case, spoke to the players and made sure everyone was on the same page with his reinstatement:

“He paid the ultimate price by being out of football for a year,” Dantonio said. “And he’s lost his scholarship. He’s suffered a knee injury. We’ll see how he comes out of it. And this will be a story to watch maybe as we move forward. …

“The first step was for him to be able to complete what we call our bottom line program which has been completed. Next step will be does he come to camp or not. But at this point in time, all indications from my players is that they want him in camp.”

People certainly deserve a shot at redemption, but how Reschke carries himself for the football team this year will be important moving forward.