Back in 2015, Michigan State WR Keith Mumphrey was back on campus for a workout for NFL scouts ahead of the draft. That’s when he was accused of sexually assaulting a MSU student.

Shortly thereafter, he was expelled from school, preventing him from completing his graduate degree.

When the Detroit Free Press reported on the reason for Mumphrey’s expulsion in 2017, he was cut from the roster of the Houston Texans and hasn’t been able to find a new team. On Tuesday, the Detroit Free Press revealed that Mumphrey was suing the university:

“Despite a previously unblemished disciplinary record and Michigan State’s initial finding of ‘no responsibility,’ Plaintiff now finds himself permanently dismissed from Michigan State based on false allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual exploitation by a female Michigan State student,” the lawsuit says. “Michigan State’s findings were not based on any concrete evidence.

“The disciplinary process and ultimate finding were motivated by an anti-male and anti-athlete discriminatory bias against” Mumphery, who played for Michigan State from 2010-14.

Obviously, in the wake of the Larry Nasser scandal, this is the last thing the Spartans need. However, it’s important that the process play itself out.

The report states that the woman is also suing Michigan State, saying Mumphrey was allowed back on campus after he was expelled.