The Michigan attorney general has been asked to investigate a sexual assault case involving a Michigan State basketball player, according to a report from ESPN.

Paula Lavigne and Nicole Noren of ESPN reported that a woman told police she was sexually assaulted by a Michigan State basketball player. After local prosecutors declined to file charges, the woman asked the attorney’s general office to investigate the situation.

According to ESPN, Michigan State University police told prosecutors that there was probable cause that Brock Washington, a member of the Spartans basketball team, raped a woman on Jan. 19. Per the report, the woman was too intoxicated to consent.

From ESPN:

Washington, who two years ago pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault stemming from a separate sex crime investigation, was suspended without explanation by Michigan State coach Tom Izzo in late January. During questioning by police in the most recent case, Washington changed his story about the night in question several times, acknowledged that the woman was so drunk that she was incapacitated and admitted to police that he had sexual contact with her, according to the police report.

ESPN made several attempts to reach Washington for comment and tried his current attorney and a previous one, Peter Samouris. Samouris said he was not familiar with the current case, but he spoke with Washington and Washington’f father Friday to relay questions from ESPN.

“It’s my understanding he’s not going to be charged, and he doesn’t wish to speak,” Samouris said. “He’s maintained his innocence 100 percent of the time.”

Michigan State University police recommended that Washington be charged with first-degree sexual conduct following his interview with police.

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