Three former Michigan State basketball players have been cleared of a sexual assault charge following a school investigation, according to a report.

ESPN reported that an investigation into the incident did not find a “preponderance of evidence” that the three basketball players violated the school’s relationship violence and sexual misconduct policies, according to the university’s Title IX office.

Bailey Kowalski filed a Title IX lawsuit against Michigan State University, which is still pending in federal court. That suit claims the school mishandled her allegation and discouraged her from reporting it to proper authorities because it involved “high profile” basketball players at the school.

She spoke out against the university and its handling of the situation during a press conference in East Lansing in April. Kowalski is reportedly filing an appeal on the findings and will file a report with the Lansing Township Police.

The alleged assault happened in 2016 at an off-campus apartment and Kowalski filed a lawsuit in April 2018. Her allegation is the third against Michigan State basketball players since 2010.

Players involved in the alleged assault have not been named.