Andre Rison’s legal troubles have been well-documented.

The former Michigan State star and first-round NFL pick infamously had his house burned down by then-girlfriend Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of the R&B group TLC. He was also featured in the 2012 ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Broke,” which chronicled his reckless spending habits that led to his 2007 bankruptcy.

Now, Rison finds himself in more hot water.

A federal judge issued a warrant for Rison’s arrest on Tuesday because he didn’t make child-support payments and he tested positive for marijuana on three separate occasions, which violated his probation.

In an exclusive interview with the Detroit Free Press, Rison admitted that he was guilty of both accusations, but that he wasn’t some pot-smoking deadbeat who refused to have a relationship with his son. According to Rison, he takes marijuana candy to help with his post-NFL injuries saying: “I hurt every day.”

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Rison allegedly paid only $35,000 of the over $300,000 he owes in child-support payments. The MSU Hall of Famer admittedly didn’t have a relationship with Hunter until he was 12. That changed when Hunter’s mom, an Arizona woman, reached out to Rison and asked if he wanted to coach his son and help him pursue his football dreams.

Now, he’s his primary guardian.

“He lives under my roof. I take care of him. I coach his football team. … We’ve become the best of friends,” Rison told the Free Press. “I’m just tired. Here I am, being looked at like a hardcore criminal. … I’m  trying to do the right thing. My mistake was made years ago, and I’m still under this microscope. It’s very frustrating.”

According to the Free Press, Rison can’t afford the $1,000 monthly payments because he only makes $9,000 a year as an assistant football coach at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, where he coaches Hunter. He also gets $3,300 a month from the NFL in disability benefits.

“Give me something that’s feasible,” Rison told the Free Press. “If anytime I’ve missed, it’s because we had to pay bills. Unfortunately, I missed a couple times and this is the ramification for it.”