Russell Westbrook is known as one of the most intense players in the NBA. He brings everything each and every night.

Apparently that applies to the pre-game rituals, too. And rookie and former Michigan State star Cassius Winston discovered that the hard way on Wednesday night.

Before Wednesday’s game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Washington Wizards, as Westbrook was being introduced in the starting lineups, Winston gave the NBA All-Star a chest bump. The former Spartan clearly wasn’t ready for Westbrook’s strength and Winston hit the deck pretty hard.

The Washington Wizards shared the clip:

Winston learned a lesson the hard way. He was able to pop off the floor pretty quickly, so it doesn’t look like any injury occurred, but he still hit the hardwood with quite an impact.

Moving on, Winston may just have to calm down on the pre-game routine. Or maybe just be prepared for Westbrook’s strength next time.