Tom Izzo, like most head coaches, can get animated, especially in the heat of the moment. March Madness could definitely be considered a moment.

The Michigan State head coach took some good-natured teasing from the media after he broke a clipboard in half. The coach snapped the clipboard as his No. 7  Spartans beat out the No. 10-seeded USC Trojans 72-62 on Friday.

Izzo turned the spotlight away, saying “these are harder to break than those old cardboard ones that Lappas had.” Steve Lappas is a basketball analyst, previous basketball head coach, and friend of Izzo who was the television analyst on the game. Izzo continued to pile on his friend, saying “he wouldn’t have been strong enough to break this.”

Izzo is in his 28th season as Spartan head coach, and is 686-279 overall. It’s been 23 years since the Spartans last NCAA tournament championship win, and Michigan State is looking to keep the momentum rolling. The Spartans will face off against the winner of Pitt-Iowa State on Sunday.