Tom Izzo spoke about Michigan State basketball’s nonconference schedule on Monday. He talked about how crazy it could be for the Spartans per Detroit Free Press’ Chris Solari.

Michigan State will be facing some tough opponents in its nonconference slate. Gonzaga, Kentucky, Villanova, and Notre Dame are just some of the teams the Spartans will face.

Izzo admitted that he added Gonzaga to the schedule last minute because of the incredible opportunity to play on an aircraft carrier again.

“It’s kind of got insane,” said Izzo. “I thought it was a tough schedule, and then late I added Gonzaga because I wasn’t gonna pass up the aircraft carrier.”

While playing these teams will be good chance to get some experience for his players, Izzo was honest and said that the Spartans may have bitten off more than they could chew. Izzo isn’t going to be upset about it though.

“Did we bite off more than we can chew? Yes we did,” said Izzo. “Am I upset about it? No, I’m not.”

Regardless of what happens, Izzo knows that his team will be ready for the challenges that await them in the nonconference slate.

Michigan State basketball’s season starts off with Northern Arizona coming to town on Nov. 7.