Mark Dantonio was getting ready to start his Tuesday morning by taking his dogs outside at 5:30 a.m. He didn’t expect to have a visitor that early in the morning.

But there was Tom Izzo, Michigan State’s head basketball coach, standing in Dantonio’s driveway.

That’s what Dantonio told reporters during his weekly press conference on Tuesday morning. And he had no idea what Izzo was doing on his property at that time of day. Dantonio suspected that Izzo had an early-morning flight to catch.

It’s probably important to note that, according to Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press, Dantonio and Izzo are neighbors.

Izzo and Dantonio have developed a pretty good relationship over the years at Michigan State. Izzo has often been on the Spartans’ sideline during some of the bigger games of the season. When MSU was in the College Football Playoff in 2015, Izzo took the entire basketball team to watch the Spartans face Alabama.

Dantonio has also appeared at several Michigan State basketball games over the year.

Apparently their friendship extends to unexpected visits at home. At 5:30. In the morning.