Michigan State basketball is a serious contender in the B1G this season, that much is clear. Unfortunately, recent results have illustrated just how hot-and-cold this team is, and it is driving head coach Tom Izzo up a wall.

In Tuesday’s 56-55 road loss to Illinois, Izzo’s Spartans fell into a 14-point deficit at halftime. The main culprits? 9 turnovers and a lackluster effort that produced a poor half of shooting.

Michigan State battled back in the second half with a lockdown defensive effort. Illinois did not score over the final 5:30 of game time but the Spartans fell just short at the final whistle.

After the game, Izzo mentioned the game as the “same old” issue he has seen so far this season. He also described his Spartans as “consistently inconsistent.”

Izzo was also complimentary of Illinois’ Luke Goode who scored 9 points off the bench. He also pointed out to fans that Malik Hall’s missed free throw at the end was hardly the deciding factor in the loss.

Here’s a glimpse at what Izzo had to say after the loss: