Tom Izzo met with media following Saturday’s miraculous comeback win by Iowa over Michigan State. The Hawkeyes, down 13 with 1:34 remaining and 11 with 55 seconds remaining, came all the way back, hitting their final 5 three-pointers to force overtime. From there, the Hawkeyes cruised to a 112-106 victory in the highest scoring B1G game of the season.

Izzo, as can be expected, was disappointed following the loss, mostly towards coaching rather than player performance.

When asked point-blank why Michigan State lost, his answer was short, sweet and to the point:

Izzo pointed to a lack of discipline in late-game scenarios that plagued the Spartans as well. Michigan State had a chance to pull away late, but missed a free throw before Payton Sandfort’s final 3-pointer ripped through the net to tie the game at the end of regulation.

One of the all-time strategy debates in college basketball is whether or not you should foul when leading by 3, especially when the opposing team is lighting fires from range. Izzo said at no point did the Spartans consider fouling Sandfort on his final shot in regulation.

The Spartans are back in action Tuesday against Nebraska.