Tom Izzo’s move to opt on not adding a player via the transfer portal is a move that could have drawn some criticism at B1G Basketball Media Days.

Last year, the Spartans finished mid-pack in the B1G with an 11-9 conference record and 23-13 overall. Michigan State lost standouts Gabe Brown, Marcus Bingham Jr. and Max Christie, and has just 10 scholarship players on its 2022-23 roster. Despite this, the Spartans didn’t add any players from the transfer portal for this season.

Izzo defended his decision to stick with the players already in place, saying “I’m happy I have them.” Izzo also mentioned the culture surrounding the transfer portal, and how it’s beneficial for the Spartans (Via 247 Sports).

“I think in the big picture, the one thing I never want to lose is the culture that it took so long to develop. If you look at some of the cultures in this league, you look at a Purdue, year after year they’re knocking on the door, the culture has been there. I’m sure Juwan Howard will continue that. You look at what John Beilein did, year after year. Some of it is because of that. If you want to rip me on it, or applaud me for it. But don’t give me the ‘old school’ BS because that’s BS. It’s not old school. That is what I feel. I promised my guys and if a guy gets hurt, I’m not going to get a fifth-year transfer to replace him and not giving him a chance to come back. That might help me in one year, but I don’t know that kid.”

We’ll find out if Izzo can produce with the guys he has, or if he’ll look back and regret not adding more pieces via the portal.

The Spartans tip off for the first time this season on Nov. 7 against Northern Arizona.