Tom Izzo and Gabe Brown had a heated exchange at the end of the first half, causing plenty of conversation entering the halftime break of Thursday’s First Four game between Michigan State and UCLA.

At the end of the half, UCLA’s Jaime Jaquez Jr. knocked down a buzzer beater to pull the Bruins within 11 points entering the break. There was a defensive breakdown between Brown and Rocket Watts, and there was some argument on the floor between the two.

Izzo walked over to talked to Brown, and that’s when the two got heated. Both started yelling at each other and Izzo eventually pulled on Brown’s jersey as the two walked up the ramp into the locker room.

Some thought Izzo and Brown both went too far, especially in front of the cameras. Former Spartan great and NBA star Draymond Green said there was really nothing to it.

Izzo’s players have stood up for him in the past in these situations, and it may not end up being a big deal. But it was certainly discussed during halftime of Thursday night’s game.

It will probably be a topic of conversation again on Friday morning.