Tom Izzo isn’t typically one to bite his tongue. If he has an opinion about something, he’s not afraid to speak his mind. So, when he discussed the negatives of the NCAA transfer portal, he didn’t exactly hold back.

Speaking on ESPN’s 102.5 The Game in Nashville, Izzo highlighted some of the issues he has with the NCAA transfer portal. He believes it is hurting college basketball and the student-athletes.

“I don’t think it’s great for the game and I think there’s drawbacks,” Izzo said, per 247Sports. “I think it’s bad for the kids. … I think kids are making a lot of bad decisions because we’re teaching them that the minute something goes tough, to get the hell out of dodge. I saw Clark Kellogg on the TV the other day said something great. He said, ‘To grow, it takes rain and sunshine.’ If you translate that, it means, if you just have all sunshine, the plant doesn’t grow. If you just have all rain, it doesn’t grow. You’ve got to fight through some adversity. You’ve got to have some tough times. You’ve got to have some rainy days. Those are illegal now. If there’s a rainy day, I’m getting the hell out of dodge. Then we’ve got kids transferring and they don’t even know where they’re transferring to. The problem is when they do transfer — though somebody transfers to Michigan State and then all of a sudden I get two more transfers.

“We’re afraid of competition and competition is what you do everyday of your life. You guys are competing with some other radio station there. You have to learn how to compete. So I’m sure there’s a positive here and there. I really am. But the unintended consequences of what we’re left with, to me, are going to be hard on the game a little bit. But nobody cares about that. I think it’s going to be worse on the players. You’ve got guys at two, three different schools. Four different schools. Where does he hang his hat at the end?… 90% of the transfers are not pros. That’s the reason I struggle with it. I struggle with it because I think it’s going to affect the players and the kids. I think most people think it’s giving them freedom. My dad didn’t give me a lot of freedom. I know that and I turned out okay, so we’ll see what happens.”

Izzo’s comments come as approximately 1,200 college basketball student-athletes have entered their name into the NCAA transfer portal. On average, that’s more than 3 players per school exploring their options.

LSU, which went through a coaching change near the end of the season, lost all of its scholarship players to the NBA Draft or NCAA transfer portal.

With the creation of the transfer portal and the implementation of the one-time transfer rule, the number of players considering their options has increased dramatically. A lot of coaches have voiced concerns over this brand-new world.

For now, though, it doesn’t seem like any changes are coming.