Tom Izzo still appreciates the NCAA Tournament even though he’s used to making the annual trip.

“The one thing about going (to the NCAA Tournament) 24 straight years is this never gets old,” Izzo said.

Izzo shared a key injury update about Tyson Walker ahead of the Spartans’ first-round matchup with Davidson on Friday night, in a game featuring coaches who have each been with their program for a long time. Izzo said the secret to longevity is good players, good administration and “good media.”

“He’s on crutches, in a boot, I think he’s got a cast from head to toe,” Izzo said. “But miraculously, I think he’s gonna play.”

Walker will still be limited, and has practiced the last 2 days, and Izzo said he’s not 100 percent, but more than 50 percent.

“There’s something in the air at Michigan State that we believe that we can always make a run,” Izzo said, and added that the key to a run is to not lose your identity. “We got our hands full with Davidson. Hopefully they have their hands full with us.”

Izzo said he hasn’t talked with his players about a Final Four run, but added that if MSU can “win the weekend, then all bets change.”

H/T Chris Solari.