Tom Izzo and Michigan State played their first home game in East Lansing since a tragic shooting took the lives of 3 Spartan students. That game resulted in a Michigan State win over Indiana Tuesday evening.

After the win, Izzo was visibly emotional given the circumstances of the upset. On Wednesday, Izzo released some comments after taking time to reflect on the night in East Lansing.

He took time to thank all those in attendance for the game while urging everyone to continue to stick together as the Spartan community works to heal from the shooting:

“This morning I got a chance to reflect on last night’s game, and from the Izzone to our regular students, to all the people in our community who were at the game, I just want to say thank you,” said Izzo. “I want to let you know that there is no way when that game started we could have won that game without you. It proves my point in what we got to do in tough times and tragic times: we’ve got to stick together. You’ve got to spend time with your neighbors, you’ve got to spend time with the people in your classes. We have to help each other.

“Last night, it was an incredible support to a bunch of players that were trying to make you forget about what happened for a two-hour period. In saying that, we will never forget what happened to our three students who lost their lives or the five that in the hospital right now trying to fight for their lives.”

The Spartans will next play Saturday afternoon at Iowa with just 3 games remaining in the regular season.