Tom Izzo has a lot to be proud of, but one aspect of his landmark win over Michigan stands above the rest.

Tuesday night, Izzo and Michigan State delivered a resounding win over archrival Michigan. That victory goes down as Izzo’s 700th career win, adding to his Big Ten record and Hall of Fame career.

Afterward, Izzo was asked about the significance, but the head coach deflected some of the attention. He said 700 wins just shows he’s “kind of hung in there.”

However, Izzo admitted he’s extremely proud to have credit for 700 wins at one single program. That’s what means the most in Izzo’s eyes:

“So many coaches have changed, and I’ve just kind of hung in there. That’s what happens when you hang in there,” said Izzo. “700 wins is pretty impressive even to me, but 700 wins at the same school? That means a lot to me. That’s probably what means the most to me…

“We — the players, the assistant coaches I’ve had — we’ve won all of ours right here at Michigan State. And I am really, really honored and proud and feel good. Like I said, we’re not dead yet. We’ve got some more wins. We’re just going to keep fighting.”

During his on-court interview, Izzo also admitted the win meant a lot because it came against the Wolverines. However, he also acknowledged he still trails the legendary Coach K by a wide margin for the all-time wins record:

“Well, it means a lot because it was against our rival and it was here and the place was rocking,” said Izzo. “But I’m still 520-something behind Mike Krzyzewski, so I’m keeping it in perspective.”

As for the Wolverines, Izzo continues to dominate the in-state rivalry series. The Spartans improved to 34-15 against Michigan under Izzo’s guidance, a nearly 70% win percentage for Michigan State.