On Monday, Tom Izzo shared the outlook for his Michigan State program as the Spartans continue to try and get a handle on COVID-19 after an outbreak with the team.

According to Chris Solari with the Detroit Free Press, Izzo believes the Spartans are on track to get back on the court. However, he understands the need to be diligent in order to keep things under control.

“I think we’re gonna make it. I think we’re gonna play it,” Izzo said Monday. “We’re going through a rough time right now for a week. Other schools have gone through it. We just gotta do our best and make the week to 10 days a week and 10 days, not three and four weeks, like some have gone through.”

Michigan State has had three games postponed so far that the Spartans will be looking to make up. As it currently stands, Michigan State’s next scheduled game is next Thursday at Rutgers.

Izzo was also asked about the potential of the B1G conference tournament to move from Chicago to Indianapolis. While Izzo did not have any additional insight to provide to that report, he admitted the climate in both cities and the fact that Indianapolis is hosting the NCAA Tournament makes a hosting switch worth considering:

“I’ve heard the same things you have, that Chicago has struggled with the virus more than Indianapolis,” Izzo said. “Would it be good to move it there and be able to go right into the NCAA tournament? Is that too much of an overload on Indiana? I just don’t know that. Haven’t heard it. I think it is something that should be discussed.”

Hopefully the Spartans continue to get healthier and return to action next week.