Mark Dantonio understands a lot is riding on Michigan State’s revamped offense in 2019.

The Spartans have had their share of success under Dantonio. However, 2018 was especially frustrating. Injuries and a general ineffectiveness plagued the offense all season long. As a result, Michigan State averaged just under 19 points per game and finished 7-6 overall.

Heading into 2019, the offensive staff has been shuffled and moved around in an attempt to find a winning combination. Dantonio took time to discuss the offense during his BTN Bus Tour appearance, and he praised the staff and players for their adaptability:

“I think our guys are doing a great job adapting and working the situation that was handed to them,” said Dantonio. “Our players are believing in them. They’ve already got good, strong relationships with their players, and I think that’s where coaching starts is relationships with each other.”

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Hopefully, the new-look offense breaks out in a big way.