Gerald Holmes doesn’t subscribe to the notion that practices can’t be fun.

Michigan State’s senior running back likes to make the most of practice and bring a bit of his own flavor to the field, at least when his head coach Mark Dantonio isn’t watching.

Holmes was caught busting a few dance moves on the practice field while Dantonio’s back was turned. Luckily, the running back was one his game and cut the act just before Dantonio turned around:

Dantonio certainly enjoys when Holmes dances around defenders, so maybe he doesn’t mind a few moves during practice, either?

Holmes rushed for 431 yards and five touchdowns on 91 carries last fall. He really made a name for himself in Michigan State’s win over Notre Dame, totaling 100 yards and two scores on just 13 touches.

If he has more performances like that, I’m sure Dantonio will let Holmes dance as much as he wants.