Xavier Henderson has really enjoyed having Mel Tucker coach the corners as of late. It has created a sense of urgency, in his own words.

At the end of the day, Tucker just wants his players to be great. This is why he is taking the extra time to coach specific position groups at practice. Henderson is just trying to learn everything he can from Tucker as he is entering into his 5th year at Michigan State.

Henderson also believes that the key to this team’s success will be based on how well the offensive line does. The man taking snaps behind the offensive line has been on fire too. Henderson stated that QB Payton Throne is quicker than last season and isn’t afraid to take shots.

Lastly, Henderson bestowed some veteran knowledge on reporters about offseason scrimmages. He says that the 2nd scrimmage is really where you can get a feel for the depth and where your team’s strengths are.

Here is all of what Henderson said: