Conference realignment continues to spin out of control this offseason. In the wake of USC and UCLA moving to the B1G, rumors and reports on what could be next continue to swirl.

Most notably, the Big 12 has been declared “open for business” and will investigate all opportunities. In a recent report, that includes attempting to target one B1G West program to depart the Big Ten for the Big 12.

According to Charley Walters with the Pioneer Press, the Big 12 is “quietly seeking” to lure Minnesota away from the B1G. However, Walters reports the Gophers cannot afford to miss out on the new media rights deal for the conference which could bring upwards of $100 million annually.

The Big 12 Conference is said to be quietly seeking the Gophers, but Minnesota can’t afford the revenue loss of a new Big Ten Network deal, which, with the expansion of USC and UCLA in two years, could be worth nearly $100 million a year.

Never say never does appear to be the theme of the ongoing realignment saga in college football. However, a program leaving the B1G with so much money on the table seems highly unlikely, to say the least.