The boycott might be over, but there’s still plenty of drama in the Twin Cities.

The disagreement between the Gopher football team and administration regarding the suspensions of 10 players is still causing tension. Former Jim Thorpe Award winner and Minnesota great Tyrone Carter is still baffled at the way administration treated the suspensions.

He voiced some strong opinions regarding Minnesota’s current administration.

“I’m done with the University of Minnesota, unless President [Eric Kaler] and the [athletic director Mark Coyle] get fired,” Carter told the Star Tribune. “They got to get a new administration. They’re going to lose kids. I feel bad as a [friend] of Antoine Winfield that he trusted the university with his kid. The way they handled that situation was totally disrespectful.”

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Winfield said before the boycott ended that his son — one of the 10 suspended players — wouldn’t play for Minnesota if Kaler and Coyle remained at the school.

That bitterness stemmed from the fact that no criminal charges were pressed against the 10 suspended players, but the university came to a different decision after conducting its own investigation. The university’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action submitted an 80-page report that determined that there was enough evidence to show it was more than likely that a sexual assault occurred.

Coyle and Kaler claimed that Tracy Claeys signed off on the punishments delivered by university, but he denied that. That misinformation reportedly added to the anger from players about the suspensions.

Players reportedly caved on their boycott of team activities after reading that report. But there are people like Carter who believe that the university’s mishandling of the process will cause many to lose face in the administration.

Only time will tell.