Mitch Leidner has his fair share of doubters entering the NFL draft.

Rich Gannon isn’t one of them.

Leidner spent time working with the former All-Pro quarterback ahead of the NFL Scouting Combine. As he told the Pioneer Press, Gannon was “pleasantly surprised” with Leidner’s ability.

He said that the former Gopher quarterback had good arm talent. After watching the film of Leidner’s mistakes, that led Gannon to question the thinking behind some of the play-calling.

“I talked to him about certain things and I started to feel like he wasn’t always placed in the best situation to succeed,” Gannon told the Pioneer Press. “There was a lot of change there, and I’m not so sure the coaching was up to par because I think he should’ve been a better player than he was at that level. … I think if he has a chance to get with a good team, a good coaching staff, a good position coach, that could really benefit him.”

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Gannon’s opinion certainly echoed the opinion of Leidner supporters.

Leidner did finish his career with 1,495 rushing yards and 33 touchdowns. At 6-3, 225 pounds, Todd McShay even called him a first-round quarterback before the start of the 2016 season.

But after a senior season in which he only threw for eight touchdown passes, Leidner is projected as a Day-3 option at best.

At the NFL Scouting Combine last week, Leidner got to test some of Gannon’s teachings. Leidner told the Pioneer Press that he thought he performed well at the combine.

It remains to be seen if Gannon’s guidance will help Leidner impress at Minnesota’s pro day and ultimately get drafted.