Minnesota is going bowling thanks to some islands in the Pacific.

The Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors nailed a 51-yard field goal to down Colorado State as time expired, 27-24. Hawai’i had to rush kicker Matt Shipley onto the field following a first down without a time out. In total, he had 8 seconds to make his way from the sideline to hit the kick.

It seems as if the Rainbow Warriors thought the clock would be stopped for slightly longer, because at first they seemed to be taking their sweet time getting out to the field for the play.

Check out the entire sequence below:

Some folks in Minnesota cheered extra hard for this one, too. With this kick Colorado State falls to 5-7 on the year, just short of the 6-6 mark required for a bowl bid. this means Minnesota, the highest ranked APR 5-7 team remaining, will get the final spot in the 82-team bowl field.

Ads for Hawai’i, this was their final play of the 2023 season. The Rainbow Warriors finish the year 5-8, but what an enormous way to go out!