While Michigan has dominated the rivalry against Minnesota for the past 50 years, this Minnesota team is one that is like no other, with a top-tier Quarterback in Tanner Morgan, and a solid Gopher defense – who knows what will happen?

But no matter what the Gophers may bring to the field in the way of talent, it doesn’t keep Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck from summoning power from any of a number of sources. It’s sometimes like a parade when the Gophers take the field. When it comes to Fleck and the Gophers, anything from oars, hammers, wrenches, and flags are used as props both running onto the field and on the sidelines.

Still, it looks like Minnesota may have a new prop in store for Saturday’s season opener. If this is indeed some sort of new prop, it looks like Fleck may have finally gone too far:

As far as we can tell, that appears to be some form of a mini pirate bear. If it is a true pirate, maybe he is the one in charge of rowing the boat tonight. One can only hope he makes an appearance on the sideline this evening.