John Michael Schmitz, starting center for Minnesota, has started his campaign to make the All-B1G roster and other national awards for his performance during the 2022 season.

The Golden Gophers pumped their candidate for award season with a nice video dropped Tuesday morning. With Election Day ongoing around the country, Minnesota called Schmitz “The right center for the job” and tagged the tweet with VoteJMS.

Schmitz, in his 5th year, has a long list of accolades for his performance both on and off the field. In 2021, he was able to make the All-B1G 2nd and 3rd teams. Schmitz also was named to the Academic All-B1G for all 4 years prior to 2022 with an All-B1G Honorable Mention in 2020.

The video is a perfect response to the ongoing election season with several well-written jokes about Schmitz’s performance and position.

“He’s not too far left. He’s not too far right,” the narrator goes on to say in the video. “In fact, he lines up right in the center.”

Hail to the Chief, the presidential presentation song, then begins to play as the narrator begins to argue for Schmitz as one of the nation’s best offensive linemen.

It is a well-timed parody and does a great job of making a case for the Golden Gopher’s starting center.