Each week, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit records a college football podcast with Kevin Negandhi. They go over what happened in the week prior, among other things.

After the Week 11 slate of games, which had No. 17 Minnesota upsetting No. 4 Penn State, here’s what Herbstreit had to say about the Golden Gophers:

“To be candid, I was shocked with the way Minnesota took control of that game,” Herbstreit said. “Tanner Morgan continues to play well, got a lot of weapons. Penn State, everybody wants to kind of, ‘uh, well, maybe Penn State wasn’t that good.’ Wait a second. I mean, what about Minnesota?

“Maybe they’re that good. They deserve a lot of credit for that. In fact, I think they’re deserving of going up into the top six maybe after that game.”

Herbstreit brings up the fact that people want to discredit Penn State now. People tend to do that when a team loses. But as Herbstreit said, maybe Minnesota’s just that good.

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It may seem weird. It may seem crazy. We’re not used to it.

But maybe, just maybe, the Golden Gophers aren’t only a top 10 team in the country. Maybe they’re a legitimate College Football Playoff contender.

Here’s Herbstreit and Negandhi’s entire podcast: