Say what you want about Mitch Leidner as a quarterback.

But don’t question his toughness.

The Minnesota senior talked about his post-season foot surgery while he was at B1G Media Days on Monday. He was open about the injury that he said he suffered against TCU.

How open was he? Well, he shared a picture of his post-surgery foot that he took this offseason (NSFW):

Minnesota coach Tracy Claeys admitted that the team held his injuries pretty well last year. Leidner’s foot had more problems than he let on, too. He said that when it happened, it felt like his toe was just floating in his shoe.

Now, however, he believes that’s in the past.

“Physically, I’m in the best shape of my life, by far,” Leidner said at B1G Media Days. “I feel like I’m throwing the ball better than I ever have before. … I’ve lost 20 pounds since my surgery. I feel cut up. I have extremely low body fat. I have a lot of energy.”

Leidner was feeling so good that he said he believes the Gophers can be at the top of the B1G. If Leidner is able to be at 100 percent — he believes he’ll be there by the start of the season — he’ll have a good chance of following through on that.