Minnesota’s John Michael Schmitz has been getting a lot of attention recently, and for good reasons. He sat down and talked his college career so far per Andy Greder of the Pioneer Press.

Schmitz is one of the best centers in the B1G, if not one of the best in the country at his position. Part of the reason he has gotten to this level is because of his ability to minimize the mistakes. He is one of the least penalized centers in all of college football. Here is how he does it:

“We talked about every day,” said Schmitz. “You got to be disciplined (and) you got to be just focused when you get in the line of scrimmage. The little things matter, and everything adds up. It can cost you down the road.”

There has also been some buzz around Schmitz as he has been named a Preseason All-American. The Minnesota offensive lineman stated that he tries not to pay much attention to those kinds of things, and is only worrying about what happens at the end of the season.

“I don’t really pay much attention to it,” said Schmitz. “You can always come up with these preseason all-Americans and all that. It doesn’t matter until the season’s over. We’ll look up when the season’s over and we’ll see who’s All-American then.”