Minnesota seniors had a final home game to remember as the Gophers upset 11th-ranked Purdue 73-69. Students stormed the floor at Williams Arena to celebrate the huge win. One student made a stupid decision that could have landed him in a world of hurt (and trouble).

One Minnesota student got in the face of Purdue 7-foot-3 center Matt Haarms and shot a double bird. Haarms showed remarkable restraint and nothing came of the confrontation.

WATCH: Minnesota fan gets in the face of Purdue’s 7-foot center Matt Haarms while storming the court

Gophers coach Richard Pitino has now shared his thoughts on the incident.

“Haarms seems like a good kid and plays hard,” he told reporters. “It’s ludicrous you have that type of behavior … Have a sense of humanity and decency than to walk up to a guy and give him the middle finger.”

Minnesota fans are lucky that the big win wasn’t tainted by what could have been an ugly incident.