For 2020, Melle Kreuder was listed as a 3-star defensive end as a prospect according to 247Sports.

He was a different kind of case though, when it comes to differentiating him between your typical eventual signee. Kreuder did sign with Minnesota, and in fact, he was an early enrollee, getting to Minnesota in January earlier this year.

What’s different about Kreuder, though, is that he’s from Germany. Two months after arriving in Minnesota, Kreuder had to go back to Germany. Part of that, most likely, was because of the global pandemic we faced — and are still facing today.

On Tuesday, Minnesota released its 2020 roster. Kreuder, unfortunately, was nowhere to be found. He has not been back to Minnesota since leaving just two months after arriving.

“Sources have indicated that distance from home was a pressing issue among other things and that Kreuder is not expected back on the team,” writes Ryan Burns, of 247Sports.

As Burns mentioned, Kreuder is not expected to be back on the team. The story of the intriguing german prospect coming off the edge for the Gophers had its beginning, but the end came quicker than anyone could have anticipated.

At least, this is the end for now. As time goes on, maybe things will change and we’ll get to see Kreuder play football in this country. Only time will tell.