The Twitter accounts of college football programs get a heavy dose of mentions each and every day. Just like the rest of us, they have to sift through a lot of negativity, especially if the performance isn’t what the fans had expected.

Minnesota isn’t putting up with it, though. At least not when it has some solid facts to make its case.

A recent Twitter exchange with a fan resulted in the Minnesota Football Twitter account receiving a ton of love on the social media platform.

A fan dropped a negative comment about Minnesota’s third down defense, saying it has been subpar throughout this season, resulting in the Gophers playing in three close games this season. Minnesota used some cold, hard facts to set the record straight.

“Opponents are converting 28.6% on 3rd down against out defense which ranks No. 19 in the entire country,” the tweet said.

Short, sweet and to the point. That should quiet the naysayers, at least for a little bit.

It’s not often that team Twitter accounts get involved in this kind of banter — it isn’t usually worth the time. But, when you have the facts and statistics to back you up, why not chime in and set things straight? It worked for the Gophers this time.