Minnesota is looking for an 8-0 start, and the Gophers are going to look great with another awesome uniform combination.

PJ Fleck’s squad has already rocked some incredible threads and helmets this year, and it looks like Minnesota is bringing back one unique helmet. Based on the brief video released on Friday, it looks like the Gophers will be rocking their metallic gold helmets with a maroon “M” on either side.

One new addition to this year’s version of the helmets appears to be a maroon stripe down the center. It’s definitely a nice touch to an incredible lid.

Seen in the video is also a maroon uniform. If the Gophers wear the same look with the gold helmets as last season, they’ll round out the look with maroon pants.

Check out the teaser video from Minnesota Football:

Saturday’s kickoff against Maryland is set for 3:30 pm EST on ESPN. Be sure to tune in to check out the sweet combination in the daylight!