If you thought Ohio State was crazy for playing without 23 players and a few coaches last weekend, just wait until you hear how Minnesota is doing heading into its game against Nebraska.

It was revealed that the Gophers are missing 33 (!) players as they take on the Huskers today in a Big Ten West game. It shows that injuries and COVID-19 protocol are continuing to just ravage P.J. Fleck’s team.

In case you forgot, this is Minnesota’s first game since missing games against Wisconsin and Northwestern due to so many players being absent due to COVID-19 protocols and injuries. It must have been quite bad if the Gophers are playing despite nearly three dozen absences.

Minnesota’s last game was a hotly contested win against Purdue at home. Now, the Gophers are on the road against a Nebraska team coming off its second win of the season and looking to build some momentum in the late stages of 2020.

The Huskers might have an easier time doing that with so many Minnesota players sidelined.