Minnesota will sport a snazzy look at various points during the 2022 football season.

Head coach P.J. Fleck gave the Golden Gophers their first look at new uniform, which feature a black jersey with white numbers and maroon trim, the school’s “Ski-U-Mah” slogan inside the collar in maroon, and the Block M on the front of the collar, also in maroon.

“We’ve gotta make sure we keep it black and white,” Fleck said before the reveal. “Gotta keep it very simple.”

But that wasn’t all as, in Fleck’s words, the uniforms were “missing one piece.” He then unveiled a new while helmet with maroon striping, a darkened Block M on one side, an outline of the school’s “Goldy” mascot on the other, and the word “Row” — from Fleck’s “Row the Boat” slogan — in front on a black background with white lettering.

It’s not known yet which games the Golden Gophers will be sporting the new uniforms, which also include dark pants and maroon-and-white gloves, but judging by the reaction of the players, they’ll be anxious to try them on.

You can take a look at the uniform reveal below: