MINNEAPOLIS — By now, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Under Armour commercial with former Ohio State defensive end Chase Young.

“The only way is through,” the ad concludes.

Not exactly. Bowling Green, in its all-white, Nike uniforms, proved Saturday “around” can be just as effective.

Scour the box score of Minnesota’s 14-10 loss to the Falcons at Huntington Bank Stadium, and you’d probably think “yep, another narrowly-avoided disaster against an upstart Group of 5 nonconference opponent. Bowling Green had 22 yards rushing. It punted 8 times. Converted just 2 of 14 third-down plays.

But the Falcons stunted, twisted and sprinted their way past college football’s largest offensive line for 4 sacks, 6 tackles for loss and ultimately Bowling Green’s first victory over a Power 5 foe since 2015.

The 30.5-point underdog’s MAC-sized defensive line was never going to effectively bull-rush a Minnesota front that averages roughly 335 pounds per lineman. So defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder dialed up all kinds of trickery at the snap, and the result was defensive ends and linebackers flying right past the Gophers’ big guys and into the backfield.

Quarterback Tanner Morgan is fortunate he walked away in one piece.

“We knew that they would come out in a defensive style that we didn’t see often,” said PJ Fleck, who suffered his first nonconference defeat as coach at Minnesota. “They would move, twist, stunt and blitz to be able to create some type of fury. That is what they did. They created confusion for some of our guys, and we have to give them credit.”

The line of John Michael Schmitz, Conner Olson, Sam Schlueter, Blaise Andries and Daniel Faalele was supposed to be the strength of this team. That only became magnified when starting running back Mohamed Ibrahim was lost for the season.

But VanGorder may have tipped off the Big Ten on how to tear down this wall. You don’t go at it. You go around it.

Big plays in the backfield put a team behind the sticks and out of rhythm on offense. In this case, they were the No. 1 reason Minnesota’s nation-leading 21-game nonconference win streak was snapped.

Morgan never recovered Saturday, culminating with 2 late interceptions.

He took the blame.

“I have to play way better,” said Morgan, who completed 5 of 13 passes for 59 yards. “We talk about being the reason at the quarterback position, today I was the opposite of the reason. It’s 100 percent on me. Now I just have to respond and respond better than I ever have.”

But it’s hard to respond when you’re running for your life.

And the frightening thing for Minnesota is that opposing defenses will be watching game film from Saturday with keen interest. If Faalele and Co. can’t keep up with lightning-quick blitzes and complex stunts at the line of scrimmage, it doesn’t really matter if the Gophers know it’s coming or not.

The Gophers’ ground game remains formidable. But Morgan will have to throw at some point.

We now know a potential weakness is present every time he does. And taking nothing away from Bowling Green, there are faster and more athletic front sevens from around the B1G awaiting Minnesota.

“We couldn’t have played it any worse,” Fleck said.