Before they were teammates, they were brothers. And we all know what that means, right?

Yes, it means that, before Matt and Mitch Leidner both wore the Golden Gopher uniform, they were each other’s most hated wrestling opponent under their own roof.

The Leidner’s share a unique brotherly bond on the field, with Matt playing center in a reserve role and Mitch being the team’s long-time starting quarterback. While they enjoy competing together now, you can believe that they both had something to prove growing up.

This week, younger brother Matt addressed who the tougher Leidner was.

In an interview with Gopher Talk, Matt answered several random questions, ranging from his favorite actress (Jennifer Anniston) to his favorite Netflix show (Sons of Anarchy). And while all of the answers were interesting, there may not have been a better response to when asked about a wrestling match between he and brother Mitch:

I would definitely win. I’ve beaten him many times. He’s not as good on the ground as I am. We wrestled a lot in high school. When I started getting a lot stronger than him then it was really fun.

We’re not sure about their measurements growing up, but here’s how they stand right now: Mitch is 6-foot-4, 230 pounds. Matt is stands just 6-foot-2 but has a 60-pound weight advantage, coming in at 290 pounds.

A body-slam from the younger Leidner doesn’t sound too appealing.

It’s probably safe to assume that Mitch is glad his younger brother is on the offensive line protecting him, rather than chasing him down.