Mohamed Ibrahim helped lead the Minnesota Golden Gophers to a 38-0 victory over New Mexico State. He’s looking like his old self after recovering from a lower-leg injury that he suffered last season.

Ibrahim’s 2021 season was cut short after his injury, and was shortly followed by the injury of his teammate Trey Potts. Potts had an upper-body injury, and also missed time. The 2 running backs quickly began to bond as they were recovering together from their injuries around the same time.

“When Trey decided he was going to play again, we were right together the whole time,” said Ibrahim. “We were in the same film room, just talking. He had a hard decision to make, and when he made it, we were just together the whole time.”

For Ibrahim and Potts, it was more than just about football. Ibrahim believes he has now made a friend for life after recovering from injury with Potts. The Minnesota RB pair accounted for 715 yards rushing and 8 touchdowns last season, and will be a huge part of the Golden Gophers’ run game this year.

“We were just locked in, hip to hip. It was more than just football. It was a lot more outside of football. Anything he ever he needed I always had him.”