Boye Mafe played in his 2nd preseason game on Thursday night against the Chicago Bears. He caught the attention of NFL Network Analyst Brian Baldinger, who broke down his performance.

Mafe finished the night with 5 total and 5 solo tackles in the team’s 27-11 loss. Despite what he did on the stat sheet, Baldinger believes there’s more to Mafe than meets the eye. Baldinger even called Mafe a ‘true linebacker’.

“When you study these players in preseason, don’t look at the stat sheet,” said Baldinger. “Look at what they’re asking them to do. Here’s Boye Mafe, he’s a true linebacker in a lot of cases against the Bears. Just get in space and react. He can do those kind of things.”

Baldinger highlighted a few plays from the game where he believed Mafe made a difference. Not everything that Mafe does shows up on the stat sheet, which is why he had a successful career at Minnesota. Baldinger is starting to realize that as well.

“There are some many things about what he does that you have to love,” said Baldinger. “It’s a lot of things that are just unselfish about what he does. They’ve got themselves a good prospect in Boye Mafe. The movement, hands, eyes, effort. There’s a lot to work with right there.”

Here is the full video: