Even though Minnesota finished their season at 3-4 and will be eligible for a bowl game, it looks like they’re gonna decline the offer.

After the game against Wisconsin, head coach P.J. Fleck addressed whether or not the team will likely play in the game.

Fleck said (via Andy Greder of twincities.com), “One, I think every football player wants to play,” Fleck said. “Everybody wants to compete. Everybody wants to go to a bowl game. … I think you have to look at a lot of different factors. We are talking about when does ti happen? … Our whole state is shut down. … let’s say that your children are away at school, everything is shut down, can’t go anywhere and the thought of your son on Christmas morning having a box lunch sitting in their room because they can’t go anywhere. That’s Christmas.”

Playing in a bowl game any other year is a no-brainer. But because of everything that has occurred over the last year, Fleck says that the decision will likely be much more difficult in 2020.

“School is done,” Fleck continued. “Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Think about your son if that’s what’s best for your family. … You are talking about 11 days of doing what? Sitting there, doing nothing. Like doing nothing besides football in the hours we are allowed. Then also have boxed lunches. Boxed breakfasts. Boxed diners. And that’s going to be memorable?”

It’s very easy to understand those points, especially with so many teams opting out of their own bowl games. We’ll have to see what the final decision is from the team.