P.J. Fleck knows there will be an altitude factor when his squad travels to Colorado to take on the Buffaloes.

He explained on his radio show that Colorado likes to use it to their advantage since they have it written all over their stadium, but added a wrinkle that he explained to his team just how high that is.

The fan at the bar during Fleck’s live radio show had the cherry on the top comment to end that segment, per Andy Greder.

Some teams in the past, whether it’s college or NFL, have struggled to play at that altitude as the air is less dense and it gets worse when it’s hot out.

It’s a true home-field advantage for whoever plays there but Minnesota will be hoping to change that and get back above .500 when they play Colorado this Saturday at 1 p.m. ET. It’ll be televised by the PAC 12 Network.