Tyler Johnson is a wide receiver for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. He is one of three standout pass-catchers that have helped lead the way in Minnesota’s 9-1 start to the season.

The team lost its first game this past Saturday when it went to Kinnick Stadium and fell to Iowa 23-19. It was a great game where one play could have made the entire difference.

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On one play in particular, Johnson tried catching a ball to convert on fourth down, but missed it and appeared to get hurt on the play after a Hawkeye defender took what appeared to be a late hit on the receiver.

Johnson was on the ground. Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck went to go check on his player to make sure he was OK. The result?

A flag for Fleck. The late hit got a flag as well, but Fleck’s flag ultimately cost the Gophers a turnover on downs. Fleck went on after the game to take full responsibility.

After the game, though, Fleck apparently got a text from Big Ten’s head of officials Bill Carollo:

According to Carollo, Fleck just needed to wait a bit longer to check on Johnson. Then he would have been fine. However, Fleck went too soon.

This has got to irritate Golden Gopher fans.